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  ​Insist on a Home  Real Estate Inspection Before Buying Your House in Chico

                   Air conditioner Repair in Chico?      530.343.2323

 Personal service is the most important ingredient of what we offer. Focused on finding the best and most cost effective way of solving my client’s problem. Giving them the same service given our own family and friends. With the satisfaction of helping my clients take care of their family.

 Heating and air conditioning systems work better if they receive regular maintenance, which can often prevent large repair costs later. Your heating or A/C system can benefit from a regular tune-up just like your car does. Heating and air conditioning tune-up is best done at the beginning of the heating or cooling season, before you turn it on for the first time.

 Bob's H.V.A.C. is your families solution for furnace repair in Chico, or the late season air conditioner repair in Chico. In need heating repair in Chico, Bob's cell phone is 530.343.2323 Maintenance will put your system at peak operating status. Inspections can locate potential furnace or central air conditioner operational problems or air quality issues. Studies have shown that a clean intake filter can save 20% per month on your heating and cooling bill. This is something very easy to do your self, simply measure you filter.

 You can even arrange deliveries of filters directly to your home so you never forget again by contacting our friends at FilterFetchor DiscountFilter for easy home delivery.
​When it is time to install or replace the heating or cooling system in your home or business, count on Bob’s H.V.A.C. to work with quality equipment and professional installation. A furnace or air conditioner that is not properly installed will not run at maximum efficiency and it could break down sooner.

  I only sell and install top quality equipment that will provide you with years of dependable service. And can help you select the right unit for your building and devising innovative solutions to fit new systems in old spaces.